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Consoleation Quickie: Moving Update

Before I head to bed for a few hours– after an exhausting day of moving boxes and heavy furniture– I wanted to share a few more thoughts that popped up while surfing the web earlier tonight… errrr… this morning:

  • I’m bothered by the fact that SEGA is not releasing OutRun Online Arcade for the PlayStation 3 (via the PlayStation Store) here in North America. Europeans are getting it, so what’s the deal? Is it a SCEA decision? Did Microsoft pony up some money for exclusivity here? I haven’t read or seen any evidence to support any sort of argument, but it’s a pretty lame decision. If it’s an exclusivity deal, it’s likely a stupid move. If it’s a licensing or approval decision by Sony, then shame on them. More games for sale usually equates to more revenue. No matter what the reason is, I’m frankly pretty upset by it as I’d been looking forward to playing this game.
  • I think that it can be argued that the PlayStation 2 is the NES of the 21st Century. The game library is vast and varied, the number of units sold is frankly astounding– 50 million PS2 units have been sold in North America alone. I do think that there are some key differences, most notably that the NES controller remains the most accessible console controller ever due to its simplicity (whereas the PS2 Dual Shock controller sports 4 face buttons, 4 bumpers buttons, plus Start and Select buttons). Still, like the NES, the PS2 library is diverse and plentiful, and it will be considered a benchmark in console gaming for years to come.
  • As far as my move is concerned… it’s progressing. It’s been slow to develop as I’ve been working at the new place getting things ready. Monday was a furniture moving day (my back is still screaming at me), and the rest of this week will balance the completion of cleaning the new space and getting it ready for the move and prepping boxes and stuff from here for the move. I’ll be completing the move on January 30th and will be officially moved into the new place by the Super Bowl (hopefully).

I’m hoping, if time allows, to take a trip down to GameStop later today to try and put an e-mail coupon for 20% off used PlayStation 3 games to good use. Money is still wicked tight, but I need to jumpstart my PS3 interest and am hoping that, by finding a used game or two, I can use the console for more than just DVD and BD playback. I look to also have some gaming time in the cards over the next couple of days, which will be nice after a weekend full of moving prep.

That’s it from here for now. As always, feel free to chime in with your comments and other input. I do have another trip to Video Game Castle planned for late February, so I’m still taking suggestions for Xbox and PSX games that you think I should be on the lookout for. I may even try to snap a few cell phone pics to show you what the store looks like.

Until next time…

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