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Retail Review Follow-up: GameStop (Riverdale Road, West Springfield, MA)

Before I begin, I wanted to thank everyone for their support and candid feedback on my review and about the experience I had. I got some good information from you and was able to follow up the best way that I could after what happened. It’s unfortunate that such experiences happen in today’s brick & mortar retail environment. As someone who has worked on the other side of the counter, I simply cannot understand how an employee can be so distracted and disinterested in a sales transaction… but more on that shortly.

Today, I did two things:

  1. I completed the Tell GameStop survey and gave explicit details about my experience. I rated the experience a zero overall. I supplied my name and phone number so that management can follow up with me if they so choose– and I sincerely hope that someone does. 
  2. I called the GameStop corporate office. I was routed to GameStop customer service and wound up giving another account of the experience to the rep who handled my call. There was no display of empathy from the rep at all, which was surprising, but he did say that he’d be forwarding my comments to district management, who would then allegedly take them up with store staff. No promise of follow-up was made, so I’m assuming that this will probably be the last of things.

I am less upset and more disappointed by this experience. It should not be a matter of fact that, “Hey, bad experiences happen.” Yet that is exactly how this feels, based on how my follow-up has been handled and based on what some folks have told me as I decided to move forward. Perhaps GameStop doesn’t care at all, assuming that I’ll just forget about this and, when the urge finally overtakes me, just forget about it and give this store another chance. That’s not going to happen, despite the good inventory of used PS2 games and the close proximity to my home. This isn’t the first time that I’ve had a negative experience at this store, but after a couple of times with deteriorating results– and after a prior complaint about this store more than a year ago that went unanswered– I’m done with it.

What really gets me is that this experience could have been so much better if the employee had bothered to pay attention or made use of the other employee on duty. This isn’t peak retail season and there simply isn’t any excuse to be so scatterbrained when it comes to a customer who has just given you money. Before you complete a transaction, doesn’t it make sense to pull the games and make sure that they’re in stock and ready to go? If the phones are busy, doesn’t it make sense to pull the other employee off of store tasks and focus on customers to help you? These are basic things. Retail work is not that hard. It demands full attention, task management, and understanding priorities. The employees on this day understood none of these things, and it led to a truly awful experience that happened to a guy that coincidentally writes about gaming retail a little bit.

If anything comes from today’s follow-up, I’ll post an additional entry with all of the details.

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